How to have Unforgettable Yacht Cruises to the Bahamas and Caribbean

The Bahamas and the Caribbean islands—yacht cruises to two of the most beautiful tropical paradises in Earth are supposed to be memorable. But without proper preparation and poor judgment when it comes to choosing yacht charters and operators, Aussies wouldn’t enjoy what’s supposed to be the vacation of their lifetime. That’s why when it comes to yacht charters, you should be meticulous in visiting charter websites from Australia such as

How do you make sure you’re having an unforgettable experience without delays and mediocre service? Know the necessary info to avoid inconveniences:

The coral-based archipelago wonders

The Bahamas. If you’re in for an adventure to both unmanned and modified resorts in the Atlantic Ocean, then this is the cruise for you. With Grand Bahama and Paradise Island in the north, you’re going to have access to snorkelling sites such as Andros Barrier Reef, Bimini’s black-coral gardens, and the widely-known Thunderball Grotto. The Bahamas also has Nassau, which is the capital city occupied by the British colonial buildings and communities. Lastly, you wouldn’t dare to miss the infamous Pink-sand beach, Eleuthera.

The Caribbean Islands. Meanwhile, while both are tropical paradises, the Caribbean islands also boasts of a National Forest, the El Yunque and the Dunn’s River Falls. The Caribbean is comprised of more than 700 islets, cays, reefs, and islands. The latter form arcs that define the northern and eastern ends of the Caribbean sea. This makes the Caribbean a perfect location for the best yacht charters Carribean has these days. Click here 212 Yachts

Proper preparation and the best yacht charters

As what advises, it’s best to enjoy the dry, tropical climate of the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Incidentally, this is also during when it’s the coldest in Australia. So, you should book a cruise somewhere between November to February. Take note, these are the most hectic months for the best yacht charters Bahamas has these days. So you have to book earlier, 2-3 months ahead.

As for choosing operators, hire those who can tailor their services to your tastes and preferences. For instance, if you’re more of the snorkelling type in Bahama’s coral gardens, then choose a yacht operator that allows offshore snorkelling and has the necessary safety equipment for snorkelling or fishing.

On the other hand, the Caribbean yacht charters are outlined by the consistent sunny weather, so a sunbathing on the deck and a destination to the Leewards Islands are ideal. With a cruise to the latter, the tourists will also enjoy the isolated Tintamarre resorts, and the Grand Case restaurant which has water views.

Cruising Wardrobe: Cold to Warm Transition

Meanwhile, since you’re going to experience a cold climate and then transition to warm, dry weathers, you have to optimise your cruising wardrobe. Wear your tropical clothes underneath your winter clothes so that you don’t have to change when you arrive. You may dress in layers, such as wearing a tank top, light sweater, and then an Under Armour hoodie. The latter is known for regulating body temperature.

Also, remember that during a cruise, the deck is windy at night. You also have to prepare medication for colds in case your bodies will have a hard time adjusting to the warm air.

Now you probably can’t wait to book a cruise on Christmas. Before that, you may try browsing the 212 yacht charters at for packages, specials, and other destinations.