Find your Sense of Purpose. Volunteer Overseas Today

The life you live may be full of bounties and abundance, but does it spell the meaning of a perfect life itself? At some point in one’s life, the feeling of emptiness strikes and one will seek for something lacking. Know the meaning of your existence by helping others without expecting anything in return. The best way to experience something worthwhile is to volunteer overseas. Its benefits are huge and will create a significant impact in you, being a human.

volunteer overseas

In Bali, Indonesia, the influx of tourism brought an astounding rise in the local economy. Needless to say, along with the growth are the insurmountable social and environmental issues which arose due to it. Local NGOs and few international cause-oriented groups are on the struggle to prevent massive prostitution, illiteracy, and environmental degradation. But with few people who are involved in these NGOs and concerned groups, they are seeking for undertakers to help them pursue a mission. This is the main reason why volunteering in Bali will be the most valuable effort of a lifetime.

The benefits you gain from volunteering

However, volunteering overseas will bring enormous transformation not only to the program beneficiaries you are dealing with but to yourself as well. When you volunteer overseas, the experience will harness and hone you in reaching out to communities, learning new skills, find new friends and contacts, as well as in advancing your career. Likewise, to volunteer in Bali will also aid you in keeping a good state of mental and physical wellness. Your efforts in volunteering Bali free of any thought of financial compensation is a noble thing to do. It’s a two-way street; you have sharpened your sense of purpose, and you have helped in the advancement of a cause you choose to assist.

Volunteering’s effect to mental and physical health

  • If you decide to volunteer overseas, you will develop self-esteem, self-confidence, and satisfaction in life. Since you’re helping others to overcome their shortcomings, it is a sense of accomplishment and pride in any way. Moreover, you will develop a positive outlook about life and your goals in the future.
  • Volunteerism also reduces the threat of depression. It combats it, actually. When a person is socially isolated, it is most likely that depression will be experienced. In as much as volunteering in Bali keeps you around people almost all the time, isolation is impossible.
  • At any age, volunteering will keep you healthy and vibrant. Actually, this type of effort is advantageous to older adults. Experts declared that those who have volunteered will increase their lifespan because it reduces symptoms of heart diseases and chronic pain.

It is vital to note, however, that to volunteer overseas do not mean a picnic or a vacation. A lot of volunteers are assigned in far-flung, inaccessible and secluded areas where the basic comfort of living is limited. An area may have no electricity, no faucets, no recreation facilities and no soft velvety beds. Nevertheless, the moments you will be spending with the people who needs you is a worthwhile memory to cherish in a lifetime.