These might be the reasons your influencer marketing campaigns flunked

Influencer marketing has become a lucrative strategy for companies today for many reasons. One of which is the authentic relationships and the new market it can create for a brand. However, like all other strategies, what applies to one brand might not be applicable to another. If you’re now planning to come up with your own campaign, better do a comprehensive research first. Know the basics of this strategy. In the process of seeking professionals to help you, take note that The Influence Marketer, who’s professional and experienced enough, can help you avoid these mistakes:

The Influence Marketer

  1. You didn’t choose your influencers carefully.

Perhaps, you’ve easily equated popularity with influence. Remember that the number of shares, likes, comments, and followers don’t mean sales-driven engagement. And, fame doesn’t necessarily mean reliability and credibility. Or, you’ve also chosen an influencer from a niche that’s too far from your own.

Today, people are looking for credible sources of recommendations and reviews. And, that’s exactly the kind of people you should be working with. See this resource to choose influencers the right way.

  1. You didn’t use the right tools and platforms.

Once you’ve found the best people to promote your brands, seek guidance from The Influence Marketer who can set the perfect platforms to use for your campaigns. It isn’t wise to manage this campaign from a spreadsheet. You need a tool to track the numbers, specifically the ROI, engagement rate, content distribution frequency, and earned media value (EMV).

  1. You’ve haven’t set a realistic budget and campaign duration.

For influencer marketing campaigns, you need to set a budget for the testing and optimisation. Also, don’t assume free partnerships from influencers. To encourage them to work with you, be ready with the right compensation and freebies, if possible. Most importantly, find more info about how best to run your campaigns with them to maximise your reach.

Micro-managing them won’t work. Hence, it’s best to orient them about their role in the project.

  1. You haven’t clarified your goals and expectations.

Set your campaign goals. Are you aiming for better brand awareness? Are you working on increasing your sales? Do you want to catch the attention of a new market segment? Or, do you want to give your social media following a boost?

When working with the influencers, it also helps to know what they’re expecting from the partnership. Are they looking forward to the same things you’re aiming for?

By answering these questions, you can create a campaign that’s mutually beneficial for both parties. Once these are all figured out, you can then call on The Influence Marketer to help you create and launch the project.

Influencer marketing has proven its worth as a strategy over the years. This is evident in the growth of sales and awareness of many brands doing this technique. If you’re planning to apply this plan as well, be sure to read more here about the benefits of working with The Influence Marketer who can help you avoid the mistakes above.