How to choose the best winter coats for your dogs

When winter comes, you find yourself wearing a coat to keep yourself warm, so shouldn’t you do the same for your dogs? If you have short-haired dogs, puppies, and senior dogs, then you need to get them some coats to keep them warm in the winter. One type of coat to consider is the fleece dog coats from Bitch NewYork.

There are a lot of dog coats on sale online that you can choose from. This is why finding the right coat may become something of a challenge. The variety of styles, materials used, and designs can easily confuse a dog owner. You might end up buying the wrong kind of coat for your dog.

The best winter coats you can buy for your dog are fleece lined dog coats that have a water-resistant outer material. This material helps keep water from seeping through should snow falls on your dog’s coat. This also helps keep your dog warm because of the fleece lining.

Fit your dog before buying anything

Before you go out and buy your dog a coat, you need to know what size best fits your pet. As tempting as it is to click the buy button on that cute coat, take a moment to measure your dog first. To measure your fur baby for dog cold weather coats, this is what you do:

  • Get your dog to stand on all fours
  • Get a tape measure and run it from the base of the neck to the base of their tail
  • List down the length and check the available sizes for the coat you want

If your dog is stocky in build or their length is between sizes, you need to get the coat that is one size bigger. This is to ensure a comfortable fit for your pet.

Things to consider when choosing coats for dogs

Aside from the size and the style, you also need to check the weight of these coats. For example, fleece dog coats from Bitch NewYork are warm but lightweight due to the outer material paired with the fleece. This makes them comfortable for the dog to wear out in the cold without weighing them down.

You should also take note of the care instructions that come with these dog apparel. Fleece-lined coats can be difficult to take care of, since they can end up pilling when washed the wrong way. Over-washing also causes pilling.

Proper care of your fleece dog coats from Bitch NewYork will make them last longer. This means washing them only when they are dirty and in dire need of cleaning due to weird odors. This also means hand washing them, if you can, or using a front loading washer set to delicate when being washed.