Why Same Day Edit Videos are Important

When it comes to choosing a videography team to cover your wedding, there are several factors you should look into to find the right fit for what you want. The task is already complicated in itself. However, if you add same day edit videos into the mix, the task becomes even more complicated. Not all wedding videographers include SDE into their package and this is for a reason. Filming and editing a video within a short span of time requires a lot of skill and finesse. Therefore, you should not be surprised when you find that videographers charge higher for packages that include SDE videos as they are difficult to get done right.

Vancouver same day edit packages are fairly new but a fast growing trend in the industry. Given the additional cost and the difficulties involved with shooting SDE videos, why must you choose to go for it?
It Adds a Wow Factor
It is a unique experience to be able to witness a wedding video merely an hour after those events happened. Therefore, playing an SDE video in front of your guests is a great moment that they can look forward to, aside from the other festivities in store at the wedding reception.
It Makes the Wedding a Shared Experience
When planning your wedding, you like to take things one step further. After all, you only get married once. You should therefore go all-out when it comes to the wedding preparation, as well as the coverage for your big day. The best Vancouver wedding photographer and videographer offer unparalleled skills when it comes to capturing important moments in your important day. But in most cases, only you and your partner get to relish those moments after the wedding.
When you choose a same day edit Vancouver package for your wedding, the team will put together a short clip of the highlights of the day leading up to the reception. It provides a simple rewind of the events for the day. It is a special moment shared by the newlyweds with the guests, who are special people in their lives they chose to spend this special moment with. You can therefore share in the joy of the celebration, which is really what the wedding is about.
It Showcases Your Story as a Couple
Most professional videographers have their own unique approach and style when conceptualizing SDE videos. However, the best videographers also welcome input from their clients. If you want, you can add in special requests for the finishing product such as adding clips of the first look, exchange of gifts, and other things. The inclusion of these unique shots will make the video more personalized and provide the guests a glimpse of your story as a couple.
If you are planning your wedding and would like to include SDE into your package, you can visit Life Studios Inc.’s website to get inspiration for your own video: http://lifestudiosinc.com/cinematography/wedding-cinematography-vancouver/. However, you have to remember to keep it unique in order to make your personalities shine and to showcase your story in a compelling way.


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